Another little nugget of art inspiration for you on this HumpDay afternoon…

At my trip to the Saatchi Gallery I noticed some very excitable school children, looking at a collection of McDonalds packaging attached to the wall, giggling at their very existence in an art gallery. Obviously I thought I’d get in on the action!

What we normally consider waste and litter had been transformed into something delicate and beautiful. Artist Yuken Teruya uses consumables to create these intricate pieces. Attached to the wall with one side open you are tempted to peek inside, and what you find in the dark interior is a carefully crafted tree. Dappled light illuminates the space from the holes left by the carving, filling it with both sparkles and shadows.

Even though, after seeing 2 I was sure what was in the remaining 13, I had to see every individual tree. Not just to contemplate the artists’ point, mass consumerism culture of today and our disregarded waste turned into something pure and beautiful, but I had to appreciate the skill and time taken to painstakingly sculpt each leaf and branch creating the sparkling interior.

Hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

Emma Gardner- Creative Director

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