Philips – Hue Lighting

  • The Challenge

    To produce a series of videos that illustrate the psychological and physiological importance of light, and how Philips Hue lighting products can enhance our lives and surroundings.

    Each video was to be presented by brand ambassador George Clarke and the content had to educate consumers on LED lighting and Philips Hue products.

    Philips also required a 360° video to highlight the art of ‘zoning’ in a large open plan space. This added challenge meant we had to ensure that on location, all filming kit and equipment remained hidden during filming.

  • What we did

    A location house was secured in the leafy backstreets of Clapham. Its large open plan living area was perfect for the 360° zoning demo, and separate living room and bedrooms allowed us to capture all featured products in situ.

    Blackout blinds ensured that lighting products where shown to their maximum potential. We also worked closely with a Philips LED technician, who ensured the lighting was installed correctly.

  • The Effect

    We created three videos, plus the 360° zoning demo and received great client feedback: “Loved working with the team as always, good production and support.”