Pfizer – Miles for Haemophilia

  • The Challenge

    We were asked to work with Ketchum to produce a 5-minute long documentary style video portraying the life of a patient with haemophilia – a genetic disorder that impairs the body’s ability to make blood clots.

    Through this short film, Pfizer, one of the world’s leading biopharmaceutical companies, wanted to show how despite facing challenges, haemophilia patients can lead perfectly normal, active and fulfilling lives.

  • What we did

    In a two-week pre-production period, we responded to the initial brief with a complete production plan covering the creative approach, logistics, filming crew and specialised equipment, plus a comprehensive post-production schedule and facilities.

    We left London for a shoot in Leeds on a Thursday and returned three days later, with beautifully shot rushes of our contributor engaged in an intense triathlon training routine, plus arresting observational footage of his everyday life and an intimate, in-depth interview.

  • The Effects

    The resulting film is an inspiring portrait of Jacob – a triathlete, a Sports Science student and a haemophilia patient. Edited to reflect client brand guidelines but created using our expertise and unique creative approach, it’s a great example of our documentary style production.