Braun – The making of Foil

  • The Challenge

    We were invited by Ketchum to create a series of videos showing Braun’s collaboration with Benjamin Hubert at Layer as part of the London Design Festival. The result of this unique partnership was Foil, a 20-metre-long, kinetic sculpture installation.

    Due to the high profile of the project and the focus required to complete the installation, our team had to be both compact and unobtrusive, whilst they captured all the detail and delicacy of this unique art piece.

  • What we did

    We created ‘Journey of Foil’ – a video which shows Benjamin Hubert and his team finalising the piece in the run-up to London Design Week and a premiere at the V&A.

    Our two-person video unit skilfully blended into the background giving the artist space to complete construction work and tests. An interview with Benjamin Hubert was filmed with minimal set-up, using natural light and two camera angles.

  • The Effect

    ‘Journey of Foil’ tells the story of how Foil came into existence and the origins of the creative relationship between Layer and Braun.

    Using desaturated colours and rhythmical edit, we created a beautiful short film that showcases the artwork and encourages the audience to find out more.