Institution of Civil Engineers – Water – From source to Tap

  • The Challenge

    In 2018, to help the Institution of Civil Engineers celebrate 200 years of civil engineering achievement, we led the creation of a highly successful global campaign – Invisible Superheroes.

    Inspired by the client’s initial development work, we latched upon the concept of transforming historical and modern day civil engineering greats into superhero alter egos, and from there on the Invisible Superheroes theme took on a life of its own.

    The central goal was to inspire a new generation of civil engineers, through highlighting their role as the unsung heroes of our civilisation. This approach was complemented by demonstrating how civil engineers transform people’s lives, as well as safeguard and protect society. Our scope of work ranged from character and brand identity development, original artwork creation, to a series of animated and live action films.

    Our overall body of work went on to be developed into postcards, t-shirts, and even billboard size banners for the client’s prestigious premises in Westminster. The campaign then went on to be featured across the globe, from Belfast to Hong Kong, and even a headline BBC News story.

    Follow the link below to view a portfolio of our ICE 200 campaign films:

    The Invisible Superheroes campaign was an unprecedented success for the Institution of Civil Engineers. Through it, we were able to help them add a contemporary flair to their celebration of 200 years of achievement, bringing their invaluable message home to a diverse global audience.

    This year we were emphatically asked to continue our work with a new campaign. Its theme of From Source to Tap, parallels one of the core United Nations sustainable development goals (SDGs) of providing clean water and sanitation for all, and is of critical importance to our modern world.

    Our approach was to build upon the solid foundation of our previous work, drawing upon the rich backstory of civil engineers as our world’s invisible protectors and superheroes. Employing a plethora of new global heroes, we’ve created a family of eye-catching & dramatic media content, which clearly outlines worldwide issues surrounding water and educates towards a more responsible attitude. A key component to effectively communicating this to a modern audience, was the creation of a super villain character… the dreaded fatberg!

  • Our Approach

    The first step was to create the new superhero characters. Our design approach was to create characters that feel connected to their real-world engineering specialisations, and draw influence from the time and place in which they work. The goal was to convey ‘superhero’ in a cool, fun and exciting way – more graphic novel rather then comic book. From there we began liaising with the client and the actual civil engineers themselves, to develop a look and style that captured the correct spirit and gravitas.

    A series of films have also been produced to support the campaign. From an explainer film clearly summarising the theme of the campaign for a nonprofessional global audience… all the way to a thrilling high-end character animation film, driving home key messages through a dramatic narrative, involving all our civil engineering superheroes as they battle the fatberg monster!

  • The results

    So far, our overall body of work has gone on to take centre stage at the ICE From Source to Tap exhibition in Westminster, as well as be developed into postcards, mugs, t-shirts… Plus potentially, a series of illustrated books, educating a new generation about clean water and sanitation.

    Please click here to view a portfolio of our From Source to Tap campaign films:

    Make sure you visit the exhibition in London. More information can be found here: