Dropbox – NewVoiceMedia

  • The Challenge

    Dropbox wanted to produce two rich, engaging videos that would showcase how NewVoiceMedia use Dropbox products.

    As two cloud-based tech companies, there was a natural synergy between the organisations. Our challenge was to communicate how Dropbox’s storage and file synchronisation tools provide a platform for NewVoiceMedia to develop and deliver their own products.

  • What we did

    We produced an overview film, which tells the story of NewVoiceMedia, highlighting their relationship with Dropbox. A second more detailed, deep-dive version focuses on how NewVoiceMedia’s marketing department use Dropbox products.

    Working with teams from Dropbox and NewVoiceMedia, we developed editorial content, exploring the story of the two companies and building narratives to deliver key messaging for both partners.

    We filmed over two days at NewVoiceMedia’s offices in Basingstoke with a seven-man crew. To deliver high-end, feature film production values we used Arri Alexa cameras with Arri Ultra Prime PL Lenses, and HMI lights. To shoot glossy, dynamic narrative footage, we used a DJI Ronin Gimbal and 4-foot Ronford Baker Slider to capture smooth, fluid tracking shots.

    The interviews at the heart of the narratives were conducted by our Producer/Director and all supporting footage was produced by our on-site team.

    We completed all post-production in-house, including editing both narratives and creating an animation of User Interface assets provided by Dropbox to showcase benefits to potential clients.

  • The Effect

    Together, the two films form a rich and insightful portrait of how Dropbox enables NewVoiceMedia to run their business.

    Both films were released online onto Dropbox’s ‘Customer Spotlight’ portal.